Internationally acclaimed Hip Hop dancers unite together to perform this American-born art form that has connected and inspired people across the world. The electric movements ignite the power within, and instill the universal values of self-worth, kindness, and community.

To book a residency, contact Arts Teach at: ArtsTeach@SCFTA.org or call (714) 556-2122 ext. 4310

Individuality and Community Through Hip Hop

Students are motivated to develop the Lockin technique, self expression, and character education skills needed to learn, create and perform dances. Lessons are centered on the themes of individuality and community; inspiring students to perform in a solo and group setting.

Fees:   Mini-Residency - $130 per Session per Class
Residency - $105 per Session per Class
Capacity: 35
Availability: In-Person or Virtually