Master puppeteers bring puppetry to life in hands-on workshops or in fantasy adventures combining classical marionettes, hand puppets and live performers with dazzling sets and music presented in a beautifully crafted, European-style marionette theater on wheels.

Outdoor space required for this artist. 

Puppets and Synonym Game Show

Students create their very own hand puppet caricature from a variety of materials and perform with them on a real puppet stage. Then in a game called “Guess That Feeling,” students learn to manipulate their puppets to show different emotions, while students in the audience try to guess the correct answer and discover the many synonyms for a variety of feelings that their puppets can express.

Fees:   First 60 Minute Workshop - $225
Each Additional 60 Minute Workshop - $175
Materials: $3.00 per Student
Capacity: 40 Students