2022-2023 - THEATER

Explore world cultures, discover a story in movement or celebrate an American classic. Our roster of internationally renowned dance artists brings the best the world has to offer to your school or event.

BEN MCFADDEN Theater Originally from the Pacific Northwest theatre community, Ben McFadden has brought lessons learned from the rehearsal process into a classroom setting for over a decade. Using theater games, he gives students tools to develop communication skills and confidence.
BOXTALES THEATRE COMPANY Theater Exquisite masks, movement, music and storytelling are seamlessly weaved together to bring myths and folktales from around the world to young audiences.
THE BULLY DUDES Theater Talented artists Keith Berger and David Prather team up to deliver a one-two punch in this exceptionally informative, delightfully humorous and poignantly thought-provoking program about the very serious subject of bullying.
CARL WEINTRAUB Theater A veteran of stage and screen, Carl Weintraub pulls from his vast theatrical experience and library of stories to craft specially tailored performances that nourish, captivate and enchant audiences.
THE CHAMELEONS Theater World-renowned artists use their spell-binding talents in programs that are a celebration of the magic of theater and mime.
THE COLLABORATORY Theater This ensemble blends its sense of humor with its diverse theater background to motivate and inspire youth to deal with problems they encounter in their daily lives.
DAVID PRATHER Theater Actor-storyteller David Prather pulls out all the stops in high-energy,engaging programs artfully crafted to stimulate an interest in poetry and language.
JIM COGAN Theater Master storyteller, Jim Cogan, creatively incorporates sound, movement, a myriad of facial expressions and audience participation in his dynamic programs, which can be custom designed for your specific needs. 
JOURNEYS TO THE PAST Theater Jacque Nunez and her family bring to life Native American culture and history as they share their people’s indigenous tools, games, clothing, stories, instruments and songs.
THE L.A. TROUPE Theater From the page to the stage, this multi-talented theater company takes classical works and makes the stories and language accessible and fun for students of all ages. 
PAUL MORSE PRODUCTIONS Theater This talented theater company presents poignant and powerful programs celebrating diversity and cultural heritage.
PETER KORS Theater Actor and director Peter Kors adapts fables and folktales to guide students through a creative playmaking experience celebrating the joy of performing. 
PHANTOM PROJECTS THEATRE GROUP Theater Phantom Projects Theatre Group is a non-profit theatre company that have brought high-quality theatre to young people for over 20 years. Their aim is to strengthen the lines of communication between students, parents, and educators through inspiring and educational theatrical productions.
PUPPETS AND PLAYERS LITTLE THEATRE Theater Master puppeteers bring puppetry to life in hands-on workshops or in fantasy adventures combining classical marionettes, hand puppets and live performers with dazzling sets and music presented in a beautifully crafted, European-style marionette theater on wheels.

Outdoor space required for this artist. 
ROCHEL GARNER COLEMAN Theater Actor, poet and storyteller, Rochel Garner Coleman, presents entrancing portrayals of historical figures creating living experiences that sweep audiences into a world of imagination colored with the stuff of life. 
TEN WEST Theater With their signature blend of physical virtuosity and inventive comedy, Ten West engages audiences of all ages in a unique theatrical style inspired by vaudeville, commedia and clowning that is as poignant as it is humorous.
VICTORIA BURNETT Theater Multi-talented storyteller, Victoria Burnett, fuses a mixture of story and music to delight and soothe the spirit and leave you with a song in your heart in her highly interactive and dynamic programs. 
WE TELL STORIES Theater This masterful group of theater artists uses a unique blend of storytelling and audience participation to bring literature, folklore and mythology to life. 
WILL AND COMPANY Theater This multicultural theater group is renowned for presenting exciting, literacy-building adaptations of classic works of literature in highly interactive performances where students from your school join the cast.