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Take your arts programming to the next level with an Arts Teach Residency. Hand-crafted to meet the individual needs and goals of your school, each Arts Teach Residency is custom designed to fit your budget. Residency workshops are facilitated by our roster of professional artists and provide hands-on experience in dance, music, theater and the visual arts.

Choose the format that will best fit your goals:

Short-term Mini-Residency Series: 3 to 10 workshop sessions per class
Long-Term Residency Series: 11 or more workshops sessions per class

Decide what elements to include in the Arts Teach Residency:

Planning Meeting: A Planning Meeting provides the opportunity for teachers and school administration to meet with the artist and Arts Teach staff prior to implementation to discuss goals, expectations and opportunities for the artist to customize residency content to align with student, classroom and curriculum needs. Required for Arts Residencies with 11 or more sessions.

Fees: $250 per Artist Residency

Family Workshop: A hands-on workshop where families learn alongside their child. Great for a family night activity!

Fees: $175 plus Materials (if Applicable)

Capacity: 75 Participants

Staff Professional Development Workshop: Training sessions with your faculty help build skill and technique in the arts as well as enhancing the impact of the residency program. All staff are encouraged to participate.

Fees: $200 plus Materials (if Applicable)

Capacity: 50 Participants

Culmination Events: Demonstrate what your students have learned through a performance or arts exhibit. A great way to involve parents, families, students and district officials!

Fees: $575

Evaluation Meeting: At the conclusion of the residency, teachers, school administration, the artist and Arts Teach staff will meet to reflect on all aspects of the residency and to document the competencies of students.

Fees: $250 per Artist Residency

Call Arts Teach to discuss your residency needs. (714) 942-6201

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