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1. Select Your Artist(s) 

Look over our catalog and/or website or attend our annual Arts Teach Artist Showcase and choose the artist(s) best suited for your grades or events. We recommend that you consult with the principal and the teachers with classes attending for suggestions. The Center’s Arts Teach staff is also available to make suggestions based on your school’s interests and/or past participation. Call (714) 942-6201 or email us at artsteach@SCFTA.org for advice.


2. Identify Available Dates and Times

Check the school’s master calendar and choose at least three open dates. Decide how many performances are needed, with a maximum of 350 students per performance. If you have multiple performances, please allow 15 to 30 minutes between them to give the artists a rest and to bring in the next group of students.


3. Schedule Your Assemblies

There are two easy ways to book your performance(s). Call (714) 942-6201. or submit an online booking request form. Basic information needed to start the booking process includes your artist selection(s), show selection(s), available dates and performance start times. The booking process may take several weeks, so please call early to ensure ample time to complete the process.


4. Confirm Dates 

Once a date has been selected and confirmed, make sure your performances are on the school’s master calendar. Our artists are in heavy demand and it may be difficult to reschedule them if a conflict develops. Please plan ahead, as a fee will be charged for any rescheduled performances.


5. Paper Work 

Please submit any necessary district, insurance or hold harmless forms early to the Center’s Arts Teach for timely processing. An Arts Teach confirmation will be sent to you as soon as the booking is confirmed. Payment is requested 15 days prior to the performance. If you would like to apply for the scholarship credit, the application is also due prior to your performance date. Distribute evaluations and instructional materials (if available) to teachers and staff members that will be participating in the assembly or workshop program.


6. Performance Preparation

Encourage your teachers to prepare their students to view the performance with an introductory lesson from the provided instructional material (if available). Discuss proper behavior and etiquette for viewing a live performance.


7. Performance Day

Plan to meet the artist(s) before the first performance and help with unloading of their equipment and locating dressing and performance areas at your school. Make sure your students are in their seats and ready to view the performance at the confirmed start times. Enjoy the show!


8. Following the Performance

Encourage your teachers to extend the learning experience for their students with a post-performance lesson from the provided instructional material (if available). Remind teacher to complete the electronic evaluation so we can gather valuable feedback. Submit scholarship projects within 90 days of the performance. Start planning for next year and reserve your place at the annual Artist Showcase.

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